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Welcome to Financial Intelligence

The confidence and ability to do anything

Think about money for a moment.

Everything in our lives is linked in one way or another to money. Money either enhances or inhibits what we can have and what we can do.

If money is so important, why do most of us learn about it only by trial and error? We would never learn to swim or drive that way, so why don’t we take as disciplined an approach to learning about basic money management?

Well now you can. The courses provided at Financial Intelligence teach you all of the essential skills you need to be competent and responsible with money.

But more than just the skills you will learn, you will gain the confidence and ability to do anything. And competence around money is competence around life. And that is a priceless gift for you, a loved one or a child.

Camp Millionaire

Our one-of-a kind Camp Millionaire program delivers engaging, effective and entertaining financial literacy training for kids and teens.

We also offer courses for adults and specifically for recently widowed or divorced individuals, single parents, seniors, and students graduating from high school or university.

Those who participate in our courses gain:

  • The encouragement to dream and
  • The confidence to act
Imagine if you had this knowledge when you were a kid.
What would your life be like today?
It's never too late for you to take control of your financial future.
And it's never too early for your kids to learn how to start building their financial future.

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